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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  April 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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95 virginia. plant of headlights between woodbridge and the pentagon. now to the weather center and adam caskey. >> it will be a great day. nice pleasant did i, seasonable temperatures, mainly 40's across the region. we will get to near 70. look at the beautiful sky conditions over arlington. gorgeous dan again. sunrise in 11 minutes. you can see mostly sunny conditions but there will be an increase later. 43 in montgomery village. 48 fairfax, oxon hill 48 and 44 in loudoun county. partly sunny near 70. scattered rain very lit this evening northwest of town. tonight into tomorrow some off and on areas of showers and storms with sunshine mixed in. warming unletter this week. i will talk about that coming up. >> our top story investigators
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will be back at new york's pwrpbgs zoo trying to figure out what led to a crash which left seven dead. authorities say the victims represented three discriminations of a family. an s.u.v. hit the center median on the parkway and flipped over guard rail and plunged into a remote part of the zoo. when crews arrived an elderly couple, two daughters and three grand daughters were dead. >> everybody was taken aback by it because everybody has a relative, everybody knows a child or has a grandparent. you could see it was very upset being. >> this stretch where the crash took place has a dangerous track record. in 2006 six died in a crash near the scene of yesterday's wreck. >> the campaign was kicked off with a fund-raiser in tpharpblgnorthern virginia. a new ad has political rivals
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crying foul. >> the fund-raiser was at a home of a long-time clinton fund-raiser just few days before the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden's killing. that is this wednesday. with the election just over six months away the obama campaign is reminding americans that it was obama who ordered that mission mission. they are running a new campaign that sucks that mitt romney may not have made the same decision. romney says that is a distraction from the real issues including the economy. >> under this president what we're seeing is stifling effect of excessive government regulation constant calls for raising taxes. >> this is one area that the president can boast about. he can't bess about the economy. >> obama supporters point out the g.m. bailout saved thousands of jobs. michigan's unmonument rate fell
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from 12% to 8%. forces say annuity in and out will end his bid for the republican until nation on wednesday. he is far behind in the delegate count and he is expected to throw his support behind mitt romney. >> president obama will spend time focusing on foreign policy today. he meets with the japanese prime minister at the white house. they are expected to discuss the nuclear crisis and u.s. troop levels in japan. >> looking at the day ahead, john edwards will be back in a north carolina corporate for week two of his trial. today the government will continue questioning the wife of the star witness andrew young the prosecutors help sherry with repair some of the damage against that their kiss suffered. young was on the stand five days claiming he thought edwards might have him killed.
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prosecutors say edwards used campaign cash to cover up the affair. roger clemens will be back in d.c. court after a five day break. he is accused of lying to congress as part afof a steroids investigation. we are awaiting for a verdict in a south capitol street murder trial. they will determine the fate of five men accused of a murder that left four dead. finally, one world trade center is almost back on top of the big apple sky line. they will add steal columns to the steel under construction freedom tower weather permitting. that will raise it a little american 1,250 feet. that is just hi enough to dethrone the observation deck at the top of the empire state building. when done one world trade center will be the nation's tallest structure at 1,776 feet. >> 6:04 right now. investigators searching for the
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robber who held up a georgetown restaurant. a man walked into the five guys on wisconsin avenue and pulled out a gun. it is not clear how much cash he was able it get away with. no one was hurt. a man is in jail this morning accused of stabbing his pregnant girlfriend to death and we are hearing from a witness who heard the crying. jazz minute moss was found in the trunk of a car. we have the details. >> we understand that according to court records nathan rogers who has been charged with murder was already on house arrest after being convicted of an assault last year. all of this started friday night when prince george's county police got a call of a suspicious vehicle in that district heights neighborhood. resident kim jarmin believes the noises she heard that morning were that of pregnant
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23-year-old skwras machine moss just hours later moss who was 14 weeks pregnant was found dead in the trunk of her merchant's car. police believe rogers stabbed his estranged girlfriend it death. family and friends of the woman said rogers recently denied being the father of the unbeen baby. jarmin who lives next to the suspect, didn't any the troubled young couple and says she regrets not calling police. >> i went to bed crying and when i woke up saturday i cried because i get like i should have done something or i could have helped her but i didn't know what it do. >> prince george's county police say that rogers was the father of the unborn child. this morning he has been charged with first degree murder. >> the caps and rangers will face off for game number two of
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round number two of the stanley cup playoffs tonight. hopefully keeping new york from getting win number it. if washington wins it will be 1-1 and they will have home ice advantage. they lost saturday 3-1. tonight the game starts at 7:30. we are just shy of 50 degrees. >> still ahead how one montgomery county man stepped up when the economy turned down making sure that thousands of families had 2350dfood on the table. >> a hit-and-run driver caught thanks to a video on youtube. and get ready for the air condition are to be humming later on this week. i'm adam caskey. i will have the forecast
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>> a small camera landed a california driver in big trouble. two bicyclists were riding in berkeley when a car swerved into their path and knocked them over. that driver kept going. he might have gotten away but a camera on the handlebars captured the license plot number. the police were able to find and charge the driver. both bicyclists are doing ok. >> 10 past the hour and time to check the traffic and weather. >> we are turning over to 66 eastbound with a crash before you get to 123 after 50 but everything is on the shoulder and we love that. 95 virginia plenty of volume but slowing in woodbridge through newington to springfield. here is through landmark.
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we are good in and out of baltimore. a crash moved near 695. this is southbound 270 traffic not bad out fof germantown gaithersburg and rockville. to adam caskey. >> it will be a pretty straightforward day. comfortable temperatures. right where they should be for late april. lets look at chesapeake beach as the anglers are ready to hit the water. you can see some clouds. a bit of a chop. it will be a south wind 10 to 15 on the water later on. 50 degrees in the district 52 chesapeake beach where we have the live picture. 43 martinsburg. we are starting in the 40's in the suburbs rising into the upper 60's this afternoon and partly sunny. tomorrow you want to have the umbrella even later tonight we may have a few showers and storms. sporadic through the morning,
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midday and afternoon tomorrow but not a continuous washout. center 80. summer-like weather will set up wednesday through friday and we will be pushing 90. with that we will have a chance of a late day storm every day the rest of the week. >> 6:12 is the time. >> very summer-like forecast. lightning strikes twice for "think like a man" and "the avenge jerries" dominate. >> troubling news about teens and type two diabetes. we have a new warning. >> the president poked fun at his security detail but the
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the secret service. i said for $800 i wouldn't tell
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them but they only offered 30. >> i enjoy attending these different erlgs. i had more material but i have to get the secret service home in time for their new curfew. >> jim kimmel and president obama at the correspondents dinner saturday night. secret service came up in the jokes but a more serious matter perhaps as we turn to the scandal the white house's top correspondent terrorism advisor saying it didn't expose weak spots in the security. >> i think it demonstrated to the world we're going it take the corrective actions needed to make sure there not an opportunity for terrorists or others to penetrate that shield around president. >> john brennen said he credits the head of the secret service for taking quick action. eight officers were fired and three others disciplined for being involved with prostitutes setting up security for the president's visit. they have issued new rules of conduct for officers. >> it is 6:14 and around region a d.c. man charged with hitting
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a woman on the head with a hammer will have a hearing may 19. michael davis was arrested thursday of the attack in the pet worth neighborhood. he is being held without bond. he is charged in a second assault after another victim came forward friday. police are trying to find out if he is responsible for four similar attacks including a homicide. and a man that survived a police chase that ended in a crash is suing montgomery county police. the "washington post" reports he is seeking more than $10 million in damages. was in car that hit a tree in chevy chase circle after a police chase. three teens were killed. a police spokesman said the department believes no police cruiser ever came in contact with the car. and the silver line second phase from reston to dulles airport is in jeopardy. the airports authority in virginia and loudoun and fairfax
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county are at a stalemate. there are disagreements about pro -- union labor deals and costs. if the project starts it with start on time. >> we have a warping for offweight teenagers. a major study finds if they develop diabetes they will have a tough time keeping in under control. the study tested several ways it manage blood sugar in teens. nearly half of them failed within a few years and one in five suffered serious complications. falling gas prices tech giant taxes and silver screen surprises. we have more from rob nelson. >> topic the money putting the brakes on gas prices. the average price fell four cents to an average of $3.82 lower than a month ago and a year ago thanks it lower oil prices and lower demand.
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no wonder apple has so much cash. it paid less than 10% of profits in taxes far less manthan most. it puts some operations in low tax states and foreign countries. "think like a man" was number one for the second straight weekend with $18 million. it beat four new films. disney's "the avengers" doesn't open here until next weekend but it opened in 39 other countries and set records. that is america's money. >> 6:17 and we want to raoepld you don't forget the chance to sign up for one of our biggest facebook gavaways. we will give away a new car. you have a chance it win a ford fiesta by going to wjla tkarpl tkarpl/free car and follow the directions. we pick the first of 15 final cysts tonight during abc 7 news
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at 5:00. if your name is called you have 30 minutes to call to win a chance at the final entry. then we pick within winner from the final 15 in connection month. >> time for a lock at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we start with lisa baden. >> eight cars in a crash eastbound between 50 and 123 left lip blocked for that. off to the beltway with the normal volume montgomery county outer loop heavy 95 it georgia avenue. leaving cheverly slow on 50. d.c. 295 building near the naval research lab and up the 11th street bridge prospect. slowing on the inner loop after braddock,to 66. now back inside. >> check this out. weather wreaking havoc in the midwest. that is hail.
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three-inch hail pummeled part of westport missouri. it blue down trees and that injured dozens of people. rough in the midwest over the weekend. we enjoyed sunshine here. >> we will have active weather the next couple of days. not expecting anything severe. we will just have beneficial rain periodically. we need it. monday will be easy to get into the workweek weather. nothing going on just a nice casual day with comfortable temperatures. there is the sunrise over washington. hard to see the kennedy center but it is on the left. sun pops up behind the kennedy these days. bright sunshine for the first part of the morning then increasing clouds. 50 downtown and manassas. 45 winchester. cumberland at 39 and 36 in frederick. well warm up nicely.
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i think it will be 68 later on. 63 noon. some sunshine. take lunch outdoors if you can. average high is 71. there are more showers and storms near st. louis from illinois down into oklahoma and that is is part of the low pressure and the cold front developing, not all that strong but enough to cause some active weather around here and give us the chance of rain the next couple of days. it won't be a washout but we will have a few showers off and on through tuesday. in terms of overall accumulation accumulation, it is just a computer maryland so not precise and not always 100% accurate so it gives us ball-park figure of what to expect. generally around .2 inch or quarter inch around the beltway. closer to a half inch or .6. where we get thunderstorms the amount will be higher.
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tomorrow near 80. have the umbrella tomorrow. very summer-like pattern. we could be pushing 90 by thursday and friday. i wouldn't be surprised if we have our first 90-degree day. get ready it crank up the a.c. >> it is 6:21. >> coming up, celebrity sightings at the white house correspondents dinner and recreating the most famous ship wreck wreck. you are watching "good morning, washington."
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>> certainly a busy weekend in the nation as capital. the white house correspondents dinner was held at the washington hilton and quite a celebrity turnout. people talking about who was in tourney and what they locked like. we will look at some of fox who were here. there are the kardashians that were front and center and jenner. that is chris jenner. lindsay lohan got a lot of attention and kevin spacey looking regal. >> he is filming a new television series in the area. another story that has us
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talking. a dentist in poland facing jail time after she took revenge on her boy trend. her boyfriend was crazy to go see her with a toothache after they broke up. she gives him anesthesia and pluck being all of his -- plucks all of his teeth out. he didn't figure it out until he was sent home and realized i'm toothless. >> he left her for another woman. his new girlfriend dumps him because he doesn't have any teeth any more. another story there will be a new titanic. >> an australian billionaire wants to recreate the ship. on the outside it will look the same. stphaeu it will be modern technology. he is spending a titanic amount of money to build it. they will build it in china and hope to launch it in 2016. >> would you go? >> i demonstration. i'm sure it will be very lux
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luxurious. >> i think there will be a few nerves. we are back after this.
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>> straight ahead the search for answers after three generations of one family die in a two foyt plunge from a hi. a democratic fund-raising dream team. "good morning, washington." it is machine morning april 30. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm cynne' simpson. we begin with traffic and weather and we will check with adam caskey in a moment but first lisa baden with a look at the roads. >> i will talk about a multi-vehicle accident 66 east between 50 and 123. on the left side delays in manassas and centerville.
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live we are going to a picture normal stop and go 95 northbound from about 71 hpb to get up to the beltway slowing after dawk street. but buffalo across the american ledge bridge. >> noticing a few clouds increasing over the american hrpblg bridge. we have a lot of sunshine but overall increase in clouds. partly sunny and comfortable. there is arlington. you see the mid level cloud cover. 48 now in arlington. that is measured in the ballston neighborhood. 47 herndon. oxon hill 49. 51 fredericksburg, a little warmer south of washington. 68 this afternoon, close enough to call it seasonable. you will need your umbrella this week and air condition are. we will check in with doug hill coming up. >> our top story new york city
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investigators trying to piece together a crash at the bronx zoo. authorities say the victims represented three generations of the family. the s.u.v. hit the median and flipped over a guard rail and plunged in a remote part of the zoo. by the time rescuers arrived an he would elderly couple, two daughters and three granddaughters were dead. >> everybody has a relative and knows a child and has a grandparent. you can see the emotion on everybody. >> that same stretch of highway where the crash took place had a dangerous track record. six people died in a crash there in 2006. >> investigators looking for the person responsible for a robbery and stabbing in southeast washington. it was just after 2:00 in the r7 700 block of 15th street. no word on the victim's
6:32 am
condition. a 22-year-old man in jail accused of stab being his pregnant tkpwrl friend it death. we are hearing from a witness who heard the crime. investigators found jasmine moss in the trunk of a car last week. we've the details. >> according to court records nathan rogers, who has been charged with murder was already on house arrest after being convicted of assault last year. all of this started friday night when police got a call of a suspicious vehicle in that neighborhood. they arrived and made that gruesome discovery. kim jarmin believes that the noises she heard early friday morning were that of pregnant 23-year-old skwras machine moss just hours later moss who was 14 weeks pregnant was found dead in the trunk of her mother's car. police believe nathan rogers stabbed her to death.
6:33 am
family and friends say he recently denied being the father of the unborn baby. jarmin, who lives next to the suspect, didn't know the troubled young couple and had no idea of the problems but this morning she says she regrets not calling police. police are telling us this morning that they do believe rogers was the father of that unborn child. and he has been charged with first grow murder. >> looking at the day ahead john edwards will be back in court for week two of his conspiracy trial. today the government will 10 earthquake the wife of a star witness andrew young. prosecutors hope she can repair some of the damage to their case against the former presidential candidate suffered last week. young spent five dison the stand. at within point he claimed he thought edwards might have him
6:34 am
killed. prosecutors say edwards used campaign cash to cover,his affair. testimony is expected to resume in the trial of william balfour the man charged with killing jennifer hudson's mother brother and never if you nearly four years ago. back here we are still waiting for a verdict in the south capitol hill murder trial. a jury will continue to deliberate the fate of five men accused of murder that left four dead. >> finally, one world trade center is almost back on top of the big apple sky line. works will idea steel columns to the freedom tower that will raise the schedule 10 it a little more than 1,250 feet high enough to dethrone the observation deck of the empire state building. when done one world trade center
6:35 am
will be the tallest at 1,776 feet. >> let's move to the ice where the caps and rangers face off in game number two of round two of the stanley cup playoffs. if all goes well for washington they will have the series even 1-1 and they will have home ice advantage. they lost game one saturday 3-1. the puck drops tonight at 7:30. >> 6:35 right now and we are looking at 49 degrees. >> a growing diplomatic crisis between the united states and china comes just one day before a crucial meeting. >> helping a lost dolphin find its way home. >> doug hill will join us with another check of weather. traffi
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>> time for today's politico minute. is osama bin laden pair game for the campaign and trail? bob woodward mike allen with us. >> it is almost 40 years since watergate and making news. >> it is. with the anniversary the administration is amping it up. and the question people will be asking what if george w. bush
6:39 am
did this. the administration will argue you can't look at the last three years and not have this be a phaeupblgmajor part of the record. this morning the obama campaign is unveiling a video that we will see this weekend in battle ground virginia when the president goes public with the campaign. also in ohio the president, first lady on saturday for the first time are going to go out as candidates. this is a public unveiling of the campaign. at those rallies we will see a seven-minute video looking at the last three years and killing of osama bin laden a big part of it including a clip with an anchor saying everybody will remember where they were when they heard this osama bin laden was dead. >> why is bob woodward making news on wart gate? >> there's a story in new york magazine excerpting a biography of ben pwrd lee and it in brad lee in a 1990 interview seemed to indicate doubts about some of
6:40 am
the specifics of the watergate story. not the big conclusion or broad outliens but as he said was it really a message in the flower pot? how many messages in the garage. he said there is residual doubt in my soul. woodward says bradlee's own words contradict the places but there is going to lay out this subject again this welcome. >> good stuff. mike thanks very much. we will lock for you again soon. >> 6:48 the time and we want to look at traffic and weather. >> 66 eastbound now that the crash is gone between 50 and 123. north and southbound 95 look good between washington and baltimore. normal volume. out of laurel and woodbridge and 395 we go live between duke street and seminary road.
6:41 am
slow traffic developing here so delays leaving the beltway up to king street and it will improve. >> we will go to doug hill to see what is happening. >> good morning, steve. getting ready for a preview of july weather. we will look at the raftop camera where it is 49. we will wind up with some areas of sunshine but eventually clouds will rule the day this afternoon or tonight. temperatures will be comfortable, in the upper 60's. right now an recall chill in the upper 30's mid 30's in areas north and west of town. 36 in frederick, 45 in gaithersburg. 55 in quantico, 52 in the city. a little cloudiness and sunshine but a larger cloud mass associated with a developing warm front advancing from west it east. it will give us increased clouds
6:42 am
and then showers, thunderstorms and increasing temperatures. check this out as the warm front approaches. with the warm air some unstable air. close to 70 today, close to 80 tomorrow with a 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. 30% chance we will be well in the 80's wednesday, close to 90 thursday and friday. we will continue this summer feel for the first wind of may with sunshine lower humidity and temperatures in the 80's. we will check more in about 10 minutes or so. back to you. >> 6:42 and researchers in california will try to get a wayward dolphin back to open water. the animal appeared in a narrow row channel in huntington beach thursday. officials say it is not trapped. it appears to be healthy and do not appear to be in danny ainge. they are trying to figure out why it is staying where it is. maybe that is nice part of the
6:43 am
country. >> 6:42 and 49 degrees. >> still to come stepping up to the plate to keep dinner plates full. how one local man is working to end hung are. >> filling the tank won't quite break the bank. >> internationalen trying and diplomatic tpbgs days before a crucial visit between the u.s. and chin
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>> tonight summer blockbuster season is almost here. arch campbell predicts which movies we'll talk about. the first one later this week. arch gets us ready for the summertime movie season tonight at five. >> 6:45 right now and america is being urged to being vigilant as
6:46 am
we mark one year since the raid that took out osama bin laden. the white house says officials are alert for any reprisal but there appear to be no sign of an active target to attack u.s. targets. al qaeda leaders still dream of payback for the raid. a diplomatic crisis may be brewing between the united states and china. a blind activist has believed to have taken refuge in beijing. the timing of this is not great. secretary of state hillary clinton is set it arrive there letter this week for wide ranging negotiations. >> there is encouraging news for motorists. goes prices are dropping. triple-a said they fell by 5% last week. the national average price is $3.82 a gallon. in the district it is $4.03 in the district and $3.76 in virginia and $3.83 in maryland.
6:47 am
a local machine saw a need in montgomery county and he is doing something about it. he has helped feed more than 13,000 and he is just getting started. >> this is how brett myers starts most of his mornings. >> i'm all right, thank you. >> he is not picking up this food for himself. he is doing it for others. it started last year when he worked in a local restaurant. >> i saw a lot of food go to waste and i was wondering why, a lot of hungry people out there. >> his idea is simple. pick up extra or leftover food from restaurants and deliver it to communities and shelters where people need it the most. that is how this was born. >> it was good it know i'm giving back to my community. >> this deli is one of about a
6:48 am
dozen restaurants working with now rush now. the head chef makes fresh fad several times week for him to get. >> i have mac ronnie and cheese and other things. >> they say they jumped at the opportunity to make a difference. >> i'm sure a lot of people can do more than what we do but i wish everybody would do that. >> thank you. >> see you. >> they are glad this do t. they see food can go national trash or help people. >> i think if we can all make a difference in small steps or big steps. i feel like we can all work together and make the planet a better place. >> myers has only been running nourish now for about a year but it has turned in a full-time job. he has delivered hundreds of pounds of food in his car.
6:49 am
>> there shouldn't be an issue with hung are. it doesn't make sense. i think that we have the resources in the united states to end hunger. we can go to shelters, people are happy. people help out. it is good. i think that it is wonderful and i think it is great that they are out here helping performance in need. >> mike more knows firsthand how vital nourish now has been. his apartment complex receives weeklied if donations he says it has been a blessing. >> every little bit helps. >> it is more than just food. it is the relationships formed that is pushing this local man to continue his fight against hunger. >> nothing wrong with thanksgiving every day. >> how great is that giving his time and energy and resources to keep that going.
6:50 am
>> he saw the need and did something about it. 6:49 and we check traffic and weather. >> we have plenty of volume this morning. metrorail is on normal service. check ahead on the marc rail brunswick lin trains with mechanical problems. live well check the geico center pictures. look at 270, looks beautiful at father hurley boulevard. we see a little bit of sunshine for it. virginia, you are next near the pentagon on 395 northbound. no worries right here at the exit for washington boulevard. >> now let's turn it over to doug hill with a look at the forecast. >> temperatures where they should be for the final day of april then a big-time warm-up around the corner. we will look at the lapse of the weather bug campera from fairfax. sun up at 6:11.
6:51 am
surgeon-set at 8:00. first time in a hung time that late. we will have some sunshine and look at that cool edge to the cloud cover. we will have the feel of summer. now still cool with temperatures in the 40's and a few low to mid 50's. 48 chevy chase 48 will plate that, 50 in article. we will head to the upper 60's. then we will have a cloud cover ahead of a warm front that will be coming through the great lakes. that will cause increasing cloudiness and temperatures and humidity. it will be like summer. today a little taste, tomorrow closer to 80. future cast and team lapse shows you through tonight and clouds will be widespread. showers pass overhead during the night and then tomorrow we will have the first noticeable increase. tomorrow 60% chance of rain and
6:52 am
temperatures will sky rbgt. 68 this afternoon. 60 for a low tonight. tomorrow close to 80. we promised a taste of summer and how warm will it get? adam will have that in the seven-day forecast in about 10 minutes. >> 6:52 right now and outside it is 49 degrees.
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>> good monday morning to. we are live on the 100th floor of the new world trade center. reclaiming its place as the tallest building in new york city today. for the first time directly above ground zero we will reveal the stunning view in an abc news exclusive next rate here on "good morning america".." >> looking forward to that. 6:55. investigators back to the scene of this crash at the bronx zoo. seven members of a family decide when the stkaouf landed in wooded section of the zoo. >> some time today the new world trade center will become the tallest sky scrape are in new york city. more on that on good morning mark. >> the caps will try to stop the rangers from taking a two-game lead in the playoffs. that game is at madison square garden at 7:30.
6:56 am
>> you don't want to forget to sign up to win a big facebook gavaway. you can win a ford fiesta. go to car and follow the directions to enter. we will pick the first of 15 finalists tonight during the abc 7 news at 5:00. if your name is called you will have 30 minutes to call in and win a final entry. we will pick one luck yy winner for the fennel 15 next month. >> now a final look at weather. won't see any rain today? >> today is good. clouds increasing but that is it. it will be comfortable, near 70. look at the seven day force. i want to take you into thursday and friday. we have the first 90-degree day of the year thursday is a possibility. we will need the air conditioner, close the windows. as for showers and storms with this summer-like pattern every afternoon but tomorrow especially. >> that is it for
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